What Do You Want in 2019?

It’s that time of year again where I ask you to help me help you.

You’re probably taking some time this week and next to review the past year and set goals for the new one. you have dreams and goals that you want to see come true and I’d like to help.

Here are the top 5 posts of 2018 along with a survey for what you want to see in the coming year.   Help me help you!

Below you will find my annual survey where I ask you what you want me to cover in the coming year. What do you need help with? Is it setting goals, staying motivated, making time to achieve them, time management? Something else?

There are so many things I could write about but only you know what I should write. You know where you are struggling. Is it balancing work and family? Balancing kids and spouse? Staying healthy?

Please take a minute to answer the survey at the end of this post so that I can make sure that my 2019 content helps you!

In the meantime, I thought I would recap my top 5 posts of 2018 in case you missed them or you could use a refresher.

  1. How to Declutter Your Junk Room The Smart Way

    This post provides a simple process for cleaning out your junk room which allows you to do it efficiently and effectively. You won’t get bogged down in the minutia and you will be able to make progress right away which will motivate you to get the whole room cleaned out. This is a must read if the thought of taking on your junk room scares you.

  2. How to Create a Daily Summer Schedule for Kids

    This post has everything you need to know to create a daily schedule for your kiddos each summer. It includes ideas for what to do with the kids at home as well as fun outings for the family and friends. This is essential if your kids are going to be home for the summer and you don’t want to hear “I’m bored” 5 bazillion times.

  3. 7 Hacks to Help You Find Focus

    These 7 hacks are perfect for the busy mom who is constantly being distracted. With work and kids and family and friends it is so hard to see a project go from start to finish. These 7 hacks will help you to do just that.

  4. Simple Tricks to Help Your Child Fall Asleep Fast

    If you are struggling to get your kids to fall asleep and stay that way. This post is for you. Not only is good quality sleep so important for our kids, but just as important is our time to unwind after they go to bed. This post has tips to help your kid fall asleep so you can punch out for the night.

  5. 14 Simple Habits For Staying Decluttered

    Decluttering can be a lot of work, but what’s even worse is decluttering the same spaces over and over again. Check out these simple habits that you can incorporate into your routine so that the areas you clean stay decluttered.

As a bonus, I though I’d share with you the most popular post from the years prior to 2018. That post is: 9 Things Not To Do in Your Morning Routine. This post has help many a reader avoid the pitfalls that can derail you in the morning. I hope it helps you too!

And now on to the survey.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to complete this survey. I appreciate you so much and I want to make sure that the posts I write are as helpful and informative as they can possibly be. See you in 2019!!