Top Kitchen Tools To Get Through Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is less than a week away, so we are kind of down to the wire.  If you read and followed the advice in my previous post, you should be well on your way to a fantastic and organized Thanksgiving day. 

Here is a list and links to the essential kitchen tools that you need to have a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner. Everything is on Amazon prime, so you can totally get it in time for the big day!

If you missed that post, or just kept putting off implementing it, you may not have gotten everything together for your Thanksgiving meal.  

Not to worry! Below I have listed and linked to the essential kitchen tools that you need to have a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner. Everything is on Amazon prime, so you can totally get it in time for the big day!


1. A Sturdy Roasting Pan

If you are looking forward to hosting many more Thanksgiving or any other holiday meals, a good roasting pan is a must have.  The bottom can be used to catch drippings for gravy or even caramelizing vegetable. Here is my pick. I like it because it's sturdy and large enough to accommodate a big bird. 


2. A Crock Pot

There is a lot of cooking that needs to be done on Thanksgiving.  Making use of multiple cooking devices can ease scheduling conflicts with the stove or oven.  You can use your crock pot for mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, or Mac n' Cheese. Here is my pick. I like that it's a good size, 6 quart, and it's portable in case someone else is hosting. 


3. Meat Thermometer

An overcooked turkey is every Thanksgiving host’s nightmare. You also don't want to under cook the bird and send guests home with food poisoning.  To prevent either tragedy, use a meat thermometer to make sure you remove the bird when it reaches 165° F.  Here is my pick.  I like that the probe folds down and the simple digital readout. 


4. Carving Tools 

Without the right tools, your perfect bird can end up getting completely hacked when it comes time to eat. A good carving knife ensures nice thin slices of meat. Of course you want a presentation worthy of the effort you put into the meal.  Here is my pick. I like the hollow-edged blade that creates air pockets when slicing, so the knife cuts through easily and doesn’t stick to the meat.


5. Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens can be used to make so many of your favorite hearty, cold-weather favorites.  You can use it to make stuffing, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, vegetables gratin and so much more.  Here is my pick.  I like it because its sturdy, gets the job done, and comes in a ton of colors so you can use it to serve as well.  


6. Baking Sheet with Raised Edges

This is perfect for roasting vegetables, making rolls or biscuits, and baking cookies. The raised edges ensure that nothing gets lost in transit. Here is my pick.  It's a good price, heats evenly, and it's easy to clean. 


7. Pretty Pie Dish

Again, you worked hard on that pie, give it the presentation it deserves. Here is my pick.  I like it because it is sturdy, comes in a variety of colors, and is dishwasher safe.  


8. Rolling Pin

Aside from the turkey, the baked goods are the next most talked about thing on Thanksgiving.  In order to make all the pies and cookies and rolls a ton easier to make, a rolling pin is a necessity.  Here is my pick. I like the long thin design and fact that it doesn't have handles which always seem to mess me up anyway. 


9. Mixer 

A mixer is essential for Thanksgiving.  This can be used for both the baked goods and the mashed potatoes. You can also use it for whipped toppings. Using a mixer can really save those arm muscles unless of course you want to use mixing as your workout for the day. Here is my pick.  Unless you do a ton of baking year round, this mixer should satisfy all your needs. Plus, it comes in a bunch of colors to math your kitchen.  


10. Turkey Lifter

A Thanksgiving turkey can be an unwieldy bird. Having these lifters makes any large cut of meat a ton easier to lift especially while cooking.  You can either slide it under the meat, or use the prongs to jab into the meat and pick it up that way.  Here is my pick


11. Baster

You know that making sure that your bird is moist is essential to a good Thanksgiving dinner.  This is why a baster is such an important tool.  The baster helps you keep the top of the bird moist while cooking.  Here is my pick.  I like is because it is stainless steel and it comes with both an injector and a brush to clean it. 

Alright! Now you're all ready to get cooking! Or at least you will be when these last minute tools arrive.  

Do you have a go to tool for Thanksgiving?  Let us know in the comments!



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