Things  My Toddler Said Part 2

Today I thought I'd bring back a style of post that I published all the way back in February 2016. This past Tuesday's post got very real and necessarily so. But today is not that kind of day. So, we are are back for round 2 of things my toddler said. If you want to see the original post, click here.  At 3.5, these things just get better and better. I really love this age!

The Sun

So, as you all know it's back to school time. For me back to school means back to dance school.  Yesterday evening was the teacher's meeting for the start of the dance year. I brought Hails with me, but T stayed with his Uncle Tom. After the meeting I went to pick up T. The following is an excerpt from our conversation on the drive home. On our way home, T commented that it was dark. I said "yeah, because it's almost bedtime." He said for me to turn the light back on. I told him I can't, that the sun went to sleep. He said he likes it better when the sun is out. So I said me too, but if he goes to sleep soon the sun will be back when he wakes up. He seemed satisfied by this and responded, oh, OK.... I really do love this age!!


This past weekend, my aunt came to visit and hang out with the kiddos. Whilst playing she brought up to Tyler that he would be starting school soon. She asked if he was excited. Eh. Then she explained that he was going to have such a good time. That he was going to make new friends and play with toys. He responds oh, like Pop Vinyls? I say well not exactly, seeing as how I assume most early childhood centers don't carry toys that are labeled for ages 14 and up. So then my aunt says that he is going to get to sing songs too. So T says, oh, like Joanna? As in the song from Sweeney Todd when all the murders occur. He of course has never seen Sweeney Todd, but he has memorized this song from the soundtrack. Again, I have to explain that this song and many of his other favorites (Send Me Someone - Young Frankenstein, Puttin on the Ritz - Young Frankenstein, Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles, Back in Time - Back to the Future, What's This - Nightmare Before Christmas, etc..) would probably not be in the preschool repertoire.

New Toys

Much like his father, my son is an avid toy collector. He loves to watch YouTube unboxing videos and has even recorded a few of his own. You can find his videos at Tyler's Toy Time.  Once he starts collecting a set of toys, he will continually talk about the ones he is missing from the set. One day I had enough of hearing how he needed Mr. Krabs, and Gary, and the barnacle boys (this is what he calls Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy) and Plankton and the Chum Bucket to complete his collection. I informed him of this and excused myself to use the restroom. He was left in the living room with Baby Hailey in the bouncer. Upon my return, I find T sitting on the floor in front of Hails showing her the SpongeBob toys he has so far and telling her which ones he still needed. She seemed delighted by this conversation.

Hailey and tyler

Hailey and tyler


Just this morning, T was opening his collection of Mashems and lining them up on the table. He picked one up and I asked him who they were. He said he didn't know. I told him I didn't know either. So he told me to leave it in the comments below. Then when he was done lining them up he said thanks for watching, please subscribe, give me thumbs up if you like it, bye bye. Then he waved. This is only funny if you have ever watched a toy unboxing video....

I hope you enjoyed these little anecdotes. There are so many things that T says that cause me to giggle, snicker, or sometimes downright laugh out loud. Do you have any silly anecdotes of your kids from the past week or so? Share them in the comments. Let's laugh our way into the weekend!

Next week we will be back with some more reviews and tips!

Have a great weekend!



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