Things My Toddler Said

Today, I thought we'd take a moment for some humor.  At almost 3 years old, my son is constantly saying things that make me take pause and laugh.  His vocabulary has expanded so much in the last few month as has his interests.  Thus, it is definitely a riot having conversations with him.  The following are a few silly anecdotes of things my toddler said.

Feeding the dogs

Before I put T to bed, I often feed the dogs so that I don't have come back downstairs after our bedtime routine.  Last week, their dog bowls were dirty and I was unmotivated to clean them, so I put they food on the floor.  Tyler runs over, picks up individual pieces of kibble, and feeds them to the dogs saying, "Eat this one." When the dogs eventually grow tired of this slow process and decide to eat straight from the floor, Tyler says, "Obey now."  I think he has been watching too much Star Wars.

Swim Class

On Mondays, T takes swim class at a local pool with his dad.  As stated previously, he has also been doing YouTube videos where he was unboxing WWE Mystery Mini Figures.  He is currently a big fan of the Ric Flair that he opened.  You can see him below. 

If you are not a wrestling fan, you can note that Ric Flair is known for entering the ring in extravagant robes similar to the one seen above.  How do these 2 things connect.  Well, after swim class T and Dad head to the shower room to get dressed.  T has a blue hooded towel.  While Dad is getting himself dressed so that he can help Tyler, Tyler is walking around in his towel, holding the ends out and saying that he is Ric Flair...  By the way, you can check out Tyler's YouTube videos here: Tyler's Toy Time

 Potty Training

One of our big pushes before baby number 2 comes, is potty training baby number one.  He is pretty good at peeing in the potty, but is not 100% consistent yet.  He has yet to poop in there, but we're working on it.  At this point, making in the potty is still a celebratory moment.  Recently, I received a FaceTime call from Tyler while I was at work.  Upon my answering the call, Tyler immediately announced that he had made pee pee in the potty and started clapping for himself.  Not only did he get to share his success with me, but he was loud enough that all my co-workers were able to hear the wonderful news.  Luckily, I am not the type to get embarrassed by that kind of news.


Whenever my son would fart, his dad especially would say, "I heard that." He though it was funny, and it was.  Eventually, T started picking up on it and after his own farts he would say, "I heard that." Recently, we spent the afternoon at my mother's house chatting and playing.  At one point my mom farted and immediately T chimed in with, "I heard that." Luckily, my mom is hard of hearing...

Have your kids recently said something that made you giggle?  Share in the comments cause we can all use a good laugh!



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