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Joining YouTube Unboxing

In a past post, I had talked about my son's obsession with YouTube surprise egg and unboxing videos. It started by innocently putting on Sesame Street and Toy Story videos to entertain him once in a while.  Later he would start clicking the recommended videos which brought him to Toy Story surprise eggs.  This progressed to surprise eggs in general and finally YouTube unboxing videos.  He watches these video regularly and will ask for his swipe (my old iPhone) so he can watch a few videos.

Some videos, he has watched so many times that he can narrate the video along with the presenter or he knows which toy is going to be revealed next.  From this, he would start saying some odd things after opening his own toys.  For example, after opening a new toy he would say, "Thanks for watching, please subscribe, see you soon, thumbs up if you like it." Of course, these are the things the presenters say at the end of the videos.

Separately, my husband has always been a toy collector, since long before I met him.  He collects figurines from various movies and TV shows.  He is a big fan of pop vinyls and various other brands that I can no longer keep track of.  This combination proved to extremely powerful.

Soon Dad started fueling T's desire to collect toys.  He started buying him Mashems and Shopkins which he had seen in his perusing of YouTube.  This totally impressed my toddler who would open and describe and line up the toys as he had seen done in his videos.  Eventually he wanted his unboxing of toys to be recorded.  We did a few unboxing videos of Tyler and dad on Periscope, but those only last for 24 hours.  Seeing how popular some of these YouTube channels had become, we decided to join the ranks of YouTube unboxers.

My son officially has his own YouTube channel with 2 videos posted so far and more on the way! We created a quick intro for him showing pictures of him playing with some of his favorite toys using iMovie.  We then recorded a few videos of Tyler unboxing toys with his dad.  We also recorded him and dad building a small Lego set which we then sped up in iMovie for a speed build video.  Two videos are posted so far and a few more are in the pipe line.  We also saved most of the recordings from Periscope which we hope to edit and upload onto YouTube as well.  Our goal is to record the unboxing of toys and figures that the boys would have purchased anyway.  Once we get a decent following, we plan to do giveaways of any doubles we get.  We are also looking into donating some of the doubles we get.

You can check out our channel at the link below! Please like and subscribe to support the T Monster and for your chance to be notified of our giveaways.  We already have a decent collection of Shopkins doubles, so stay tuned!!

Tyler's Toy Time



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