Holiday Fashion with Lula Roe

Holiday Fashion with Lula Roe

If you have not yet heard of Lula Roe, consider this your wake up call. Leggings and mom life go together like peanut butter and jelly, Abbott and Costello, Batman and Robin. Lula Roe has some of the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn. They are so buttery soft, it's like a second skin! Plus, the designs are so fun and unique. Don't worry,Lula is about way more than leggings! Lula can take you from casual holiday get togethers to fancy holiday parties!

Protecting Your Phone from Your Kids

Let me share a little story. When I was pregnant with my son, I purchased my first iPad. I loved it. I loved doing work on it and watching videos. Eventually when T came, I liked to play games with him on it. One day we had been playing the shapes game in T's bedroom before bed. When we were done, I placed the iPad on his dresser. While he was sitting on my lap, he inadvertently kicked the iPad off the dresser and the screen shattered onto the floor.

Luckily the iPad was still under the warrantee. But it taught me to be a lot more careful about my electronics. The next day I went to apple, replaced the iPad and purchased a super heavy duty protective case. It's ugly, and bulky, but my iPad has had a scratch since.

One of the sad truths about parenthood is that we sometimes have to sacrifice form for function.  You can no longer get the cute sparkly but cheap plastic phone case. You need it to be secure in case your toddler knocks it off the table or purposefully chucks it across the room... For a while I was stuck getting lame phone cases. Boring ones, utilitarian ones, while all my childless friends (read: all of my friends at the time) had cute fun ones.

Then one day I was flipping through my Instagram feed and I saw someone talking about there cute but protective phone case. I was intrigued. So I checked them out.

Boutique Me is a place to get personalized and monogrammed phone and electronics cases and so much more. The best part is these cases are from top brands for protective cases including Otterbox, Life Proof and Case Mate. I purchased my case in the beginning of March and it has been dropped several times since then with no damage to the phone. The case is holding up well even though I am constantly just tossing it in my purse. Check it out!

I chose to have a picture from T's 3rd birthday on my case. You are to choose colors patterns, design, and add monograms as well. I will have to get a new case soon though since in this picture Hails is still on the inside....

Aside from electronics cases, boutique me also sells a variety of other monogrammed items including products for the car, office, kitchen, and beach. They're items are perfect as a wedding or housewarming gift. Also good for college students. Know someone starting a new job? Get them a monogrammed business card case.

Because I love them so much and want you to check them out, I contacted the company and was able to get my readers a discount. If you use the code Emily10, you can get 10% off your order!! If you have the new iPhone 7, don't worry, they already have cases for you. If not they probably have a case for you too. If not, you probably need a new phone anyway!

Definitely head over to Boutique Me and check them out!!

Have a great weekend!



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