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Tips For Starting Kindness Young

I recently had a post published on Today Parenting regarding teaching our kids to be kind.  In a world where bullying is a major issue, finding methods to teach kindness to our kids starting at a very young age is essential.  In this article, I talk about what we do in our household to teach our 2.5 year old how to be kind.  The hardest part, yet the most essential, is being an example of kindness yourself. Sometimes behind closed doors, we forget ourselves and we forget that even though we are not in public, our little people are always watching.  We start to vent and criticize and our children learn from how we speak about people.  Treating our children and family members kindly is important.  But it is also important to speak kindly of others and value kindness in others.

To see how we are teaching kindness to T, check out my article below.

My Today Parenting Article

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