Getting Through One of Those Weeks

Getting Through One of Those Weeks

This week is one of those weeks.  I have 2 graduate level math exams this week.  My son who was doing so well with potty training had a rough week last week.  He was having pain when he peed and then began holding it in which made for numerous accidents.  Finally, we got the test results from the doctor on Sunday that he has a UTI.  Then there's work and family.  My brother is in the hospital again for another amputation.  This time a toe.  Oh and my due date is this Friday.

I don't bring up my big brother a lot on here, but he is a 32 year old diabetic.  He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes the week I was born and has blamed me for it ever since... For most of his life, he didn't seem to have any major complications, but the last few years tell a different story.  I wouldn't say all of his ailments are caused by the diabetes, but it's definitely a heavy load for someone who won't be 33 til July.  Here's a brief listing of his current conditions: Bell's Palsy, Crohn's disease, fallen arches, kidney failure, legally blind, has had 3 fingers of one hand amputated and part of one finger on the other hand.  He is currently on the transplant list for both a kidney and pancreas.  He recently had a staph infection.  In fact, although he was released from the hospital just in time to attend my baby shower, he was under contact quarantine, meaning no one could touch him.  This was hard to explain to a 3 year old who hadn't been able to visit his uncle for almost a month.

So on getting through a week like this, here are my 2 tips: find the silver lining and let things slide.

Silver Linings

So my brother is in the hospital and my son had to see the doctor to diagnose his UTI.  While unpleasant for both parties, it actually gave them something to bond over.  My son and brother talked about seeing the doctor and about their medicines and how they can't wait to feel better.  Granted T does not understand the vast difference between why my brother sees the doctor and why he does, but he found a camaraderie with their situations.  Seeing him bond with my brother is a silver lining to me.

As far as my grad school tests, the silver lining is if Hailey waits until after the tests to be born, I won't have to be worrying about school when she arrives.  I can concentrate on our new addition and our changing family dynamic.  After this Thursday I will have only one final left next week  and the semester will be over.

Letting Things Slide

Here's the other big tip for getting through a week like this: you have to let some things slide.  I have been spending all of my free time studying (Well almost, I did write this post). On top of getting up at night myself to pee, I have been woken up several time with pee pee emergencies from my son.  So, you know what is sliding, working out.  I mean at 39 weeks pregnant many people would say that that's totally acceptable.  On the other hand, I know for myself that if all this wasn't going on, I'd still be working out all this week.  However, getting a little more sleep and getting my studying done so I do well this semester is worth sacrificing one week of working out.  On the bright side, dance parties with T definitely takes his mind off his pee pee problems so I do get some cardio there! Silver linings to the rescue!!

Another thing that is sliding: laundry.  With all the peeing the bed and the clothes there has been a lot of extra laundry this week.  No extra loads were washed however.  We'll make it up sometime...

For now, I have to get back to studying.  Hopefully, Hailey comes right as scheduled and this crazy week will end with a big bundle of joy just in time for Mother's Day.  If you don't hear from me Friday, you'll know she is making her entrance!



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