Conquer Your Paper: Get Rid of the Clutter

Have you ever felt like you cannot keep up with the influx of paper in your home? Every day more and more paper comes in, but who has time to go through it all.  I though it was bad before, but now with kids, the amount of paper coming in has multiplied.  I have found a system that I use to manage the influx of paper in my house. Now I know what to keep and where it belongs so I don't have piles of paper on my counters, dining room table, side table, and pretty much every surface in my home.

In order to help you with solving you paper clutter problem, I put together a free 5 day email challenge.  On each of the 5 days, you will receive an email detailing 1 task you can do to greatly impact the amount of paper cluttering your space.  Each task shouldn't take long to complete.  You can definitely do it in the evenings after the kiddos are in bed and still have time to catch your favorite show or have a glass of wine and unwind.

The ultimate goal is to make a significant impact on your home without having to devote an entire day to cleaning.  Because, well, who has a full day to devote to that?  I would much rather spend time with the kids than clean.  On the other hand, if the house is a mess, it's hard to have fun.  We need room to play, and craft, and create, and make new messes.

In 5 days, I am going to walk you through the steps of gathering, sorting and organizing your paper. One you have your existing paper under control, I will show you how to manage the new paper as it comes in so you won't be overwhelmed by your paper again.  Read: Your table will not look like this anymore!

Instead, it will look like this:

With this challenge you can conquer your paper clutter in just 5 days. That means you are less than a week away from taking back your surfaces.  I hope that excites you. It definitely excites me!

So come on and join me in this challenge.  If you enjoy this challenge, I plan to create additional challenges in the future that will help your organize and manage your time in other aspects of your home/life. Remember organization and time management go hand in hand. The more organized you are, the more efficiently you can complete tasks, and therefore, the more time you will have for what matters most.

I'll see you in the challenge!  Just click the image below to join.