Boredom Prevention for Your Kids This Winter

In case you haven't been over to my social media in a bit, I am currently a contributor of the Westchester County Moms Blog (WCMB).  This is a site for local moms to get information about local events, services, advice, and just bond with other moms.  The site is very new but is growing quickly.  It is a part of a sisterhood of sites across the country.  That means that articles I write for the local site have the possibility of being published on any of the other sites across the nation.  This is super exciting and a great opportunity. An added bonus is that I get to bond and interact with other local mom bloggers.

My first post for WCMB was published yesterday.  It is a list of a bunch of activities you and your kids can do to help beat cabin fever this winter.  If you are in the northeast, it snowed last night, so this list couldn't come at a better time.  While some of these activities include places to go, many of them are activities you can do right at home! Create a safari for your kids, do craft projects, or celebrate National popcorn day.

There are so many things to do at home that never seem to come to mind when you are actually looking for something to do. Once you are actually bored, your creativity seems to turn off and you can't get out of it.  Save this list to refer to when you get bored. Or sign up to receive my list of even more activities to fight cabin fever right at the top of my sidebar.  Refer to it whenever you are stuck with nothing to do. You will thank me later!

Here is the link to my post on the Westchester County Moms Blog:

Activities to Help You Beat Cabin Fever

What do you do to fight winter boredom?  Let us know below!