Activities, Easy Chores, and Questions For The Kids This Summer

Recently, we have been talking about planning out you summer with the kids.  Last week we talked about planning the overall summer so that the outings and projects you want to do actually get done.  

On Tuesday, we talked about planning out each day over the summer so that you and the kids know what to expect each day and you aren't stuck with bored kids tearing up your home all summer. 

In Tuesday's post, we talked about theming your afternoons and I gave the examples of Make-it Monday, Take a trip Tuesday, Wet Wednesday, Thinking Thursday, and Friend Friday.  We also talked about quick household jobs kids could do in the mornings.

In order to plan activities for Make-it Mondays, think of questions for Thinking Thursdays, and list quick simple household tasks, I thought I would gather some ideas for you. Below are ideas for those 3 areas of your summer plans. 

Ideas to keep your kids entertained this summer with activities, household chores, and things to wonder about. 

Household Tasks

This post from The Happy Housewife includes a list of age-appropriate chores for varying age groups. The list is printable you can print it out for reference throughout the summer.

Not all of the chores listed are quick, necessarily, but you can make them easier by selecting the area of the house or time frame in which to complete the task. For example, sweeping the kitchen and dining room could be one days chore and sweeping the living room could be for the next day.

Or one day your child can help sort the laundry, the next day they can run the machines to wash and dry, and on the 3rd day they can help you fold. 

On you can find a Montessori age-appropriate chore chart that can be used similarly. 

Make-it Mondays

For Make-it Mondays, I found some YouTube videos which contain fun and easy summer activities. I especially tried to find videos of activities in which the kids can help with the prep and it's not just the parent making something for the kids. 

This first video from Nifty has 5 fun and easy summer activities. I know my kids would love making the giant bubbles. Plus, the sponge balls look like they would be perfect for some backyard fun on the really hot days. 

I love this video from Steph's Beauty05 because she just keeps it simple. I love the idea of doling out the bubbles instead of giving each kid an entire bottle of bubbles that will more than likely spill. 

This video from Curious World is super cute and shows kids creating several different fun and Sumer related craft projects and recipes.  Remember, Make-it Monday is not limited to crafts.  You can make food or just use block or Legos to make a buildings, or use couch cushions to make a fort. 

The ideas in this video are super fun and crafty and clearly kids can make them since they are making them in the video. 

Thinking Thursdays

Finally, we are up to Thinking Thursdays. The idea here is to have you or your kids think up questions that they wonder about and then figure out or find out the answer. 

You can find the answer by looking it up, or experimenting or asking other people.  If you have never done something like this, you may have to supply the first few ideas for your kids to get the idea. Below are a list of questions you and your kids can wonder about. 

  • Why does it rain?
  • Why does and egg float but an orange doesn't?
  • How cars are made?
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Where do baby carrots come from?
  • How heavy are elephants?
  • How do you make slime?
  • How are crayons made?
  • How do you show distance in a drawing?

I hope these ideas will help you in planning out your summer with the kiddos. If you know of any other great resources for activities, chores, or things to wonder about, please share them in the comments!!