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Take Back Your Time: How to Become a Motivated Time Saving Mama

Are you constantly running from one thing to the next with things slipping through the cracks?

I've been where you are mama. I know the struggle between balancing kids, and work, and friends, and family, and community, and self.

Its hard to get it all done while maintaining sanity. Often something gets left behind and its usually ourselves. 

This book will give you practical tools to help you get in control of your time. You will learn to:

* Create schedules that work
* Tackle those mountains of paper
* Prioritize self without neglecting others
* Get and stay motivated
* Create to do lists that actually work
* and so much more!!

This is a quick read because us mamas don't have time for fluff. Every page is packed with info to help you become a motivated time saving mama.

Just $4.99

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